Christian Thomas Signs 1-Year Extension



The Montreal Canadiens are looking, at this juncture more than ever until a deal takes place, for someone to step up and force management to put them in a main roster spot.  With a fair chunk of introductory experience already, Christian Thomas looks poised to do just that as he will be one of the many in line for the opportunity.


For an easily reasonable cost of $600, 000, he will look to carve out a niche in the coming season by providing something that so few on this team seem to possess: a heavy shot.  Saying that his shot is simply hard or accurate is not quite, well, accurate.  He puts tremendous weight behind his shot and tallied his first big league goal this past season against the Edmonton Oilers.  “Da System” may not allow for as many opportunities as he or anyone else should get to put points up but the opportunity is ahead of him nonetheless and he has a one year window to make it happen.


Christian has been sought to be part of trades around the league for some time now.  This team should know as he is the guy that Danny Kristo (who just signed with the Blues) was dealt for and the return has worked out considerably nicely.  However, being so sought after comes with a disadvantage for this team with his new deal as his two-way status does not protect him from waivers.  His two-way status merely makes it so that if he is to be sent to the American Hockey League that he will be paid a smaller salary but will still have to clear waivers and there is a very real chance that he will get scooped up by another organization.


The most important thing to remember is that when Thomas stepped in with Parenteau out, the team was –give or take– just as good.  Not bad for a kid with only a handful of time and experience with the big boys to make this cap crunch bearable in the event that he be inserted into the lineup.


Now is as good a time as any for Christian Thomas to find his big league scoring touch, to put even more weight (in spite of his diminutive frame) behind that shot and make himself essentially untouchable.


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