Catch You On The Flip Side: Habs Flip Scandella To Blues

Marco Scandella had quite the cup of coffee with the Montreal Canadiens.  The hometown boy scored a critical goal in a Saturday night showdown against the Toronto Maple Leafs en route to defeating them and obviously did a great deal to boost his value along the way.  It seems like just yesterday that Marc Bergevin paid a 4th round pick to acquire Scandella; probably due to the fact that six weeks ago is not all that long ago, even if certain portions of this season have tormented fans into thinking that this has been an eternity.


Any way this one gets cut up or broken down, the name of the game is asset management.  Habs fans everywhere knew that Scandella was worth more than the 4th round that was paid to acquire him and with a return from the St. Louis Blues in the form of a second round pick in the 2020 draft and a conditional 4th round selection in 2021.  Sure, 50% of the cap hit on Scandella had to be retained to boost the deal into value such as this but this is exactly the type of weaponized move that Marc Bergevin should be making with all of the spare change that remains allotted in the cap space of the Canadiens with Scandella’s contract expiring on July 1st; a time when Scandella would be welcomed back home with open arms.


Such a move has begun the sale of hopefully more assets in the week to come with the deadline looming and a degree of prior concern held by some that Marc Bergevin would desperately cling to assets such as Scandella in hopes of the Habs scratching their way into the playoffs without any inclination of being consistently competitive to make a worthwhile run through the spring.


Calculated asset management to kick off the Habs deadline season with a shrewd sale of Scandella is exactly the type of move to spark good faith that the Montreal Canadiens office is going to do the right thing and consider the draft that they will be hosting in just a few months time plus the future beyond that.  The writing has been on the wall for a hot minute to say the least; now its being read aloud.

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