Carey Price vs Jaroslav Halak: Let It Go

Of all of the great non-stories of sports, this one takes the cake in Montreal.  For some seemingly inexplicable reason there continues to be a murmuring debate between imaginary camps of current Canadiens goaltender Carey Price and former Canadiens/current Islanders goaltender Jaroslav Halak.  It is as though the decision that had to be made in regards to which one would be kept and which one would be dealt is somehow not, in fact, a long since done deal and is considered in some strange way to be a relevant factor in this team’s fabric.


Those that say they would have kept Carey Price at that point in time, a very minor few of them might mean it; most, however, are essentially trying to sell a wonderful, affordable beachfront property in a very reasonable timeshare.  They make it sound as though this market was built on anything other than goaltending, playoff performances and goaltender playoff performances.  Yes, they expect anyone who will listen to believe that they were ready and willing to trade a goaltender that was coming off of literally night by night 40 to 50+ save performances.


Cockamamie.  Utter cockamamie.


That, though, defines this very “debate” to the core of its essence.  There are two people, guaranteed, that have that transaction or the decisions made within in mind on game day: Carey and Jaroslav themselves.  The reason being it is a non-issue  They might look down the ice at one another and say “Oh yeah, I was teammates with that guy once.” They may well go on to remember a time or two together before or after the game.  That, for all intents and purposes, is about the extent of their memory or anything even remotely relevant to them.


There is, however, one outstanding issue/mindset that emphasizes the absolute idiocy of this “situation” as it stands.  This non-factor has grown in imaginary proportions (and it is just that: imaginary) to such an extent that anyone clamoring for Halak’s return seems to have set off Camp Carey, to such extents that they will claim to “hate” Jaroslav Halak.  Yes, they hate the man that was essentially singlehandedly responsible for bringing this team to its –at the time– deepest playoff run since 1993.


…wait, WHAT?!


They hate a guy that brought about a tremendous service to this organization… because he got traded thereafter.  One cannot make this stuff up.


Every aspect of this continues to be further highlighted for how ridiculous it is, not only that the “debate” continues on but how it all started to begin with and the fact that it happened half a decade ago.  The fact that this is the mark left by a stellar playoff run and an off season transaction is completely absurd and is an embarrassment to this market and fan base.


The correct/sensible/logical way to remember Jaroslav Halak, to be thankful to still have Carey Price and everything in between is this: Jaroslav Halak used to play for this team and was the reason for one of the most memorable playoff runs this side of 1993.  He no longer plays for the Montreal Canadiens because someone felt it was best to stick to Carey Price for the long run.  This move likely paid off but few people in their right minds would have done this and those that would have probably aren’t sitting in the Bell Centre seats.  Understandably so.  Having Carey Price is nifty.  These guys probably don’t care about this whole thing so it shouldn’t be a big deal at this point in time.  Maybe instead of pretending to hate someone that did a great service to my favorite team, they should be remembered positively and thanked for their contributions.  Yes, people would also be allowed to be happy for Halak if he wins the Stanley Cup he deserved so richly in 2010.  In such an event, he will not be compared in any form to Carey Price because that would be an utter waste of time.  It’s also acceptable to like and appreciate both goaltenders.  There’s no rule against it and there never will be.


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2 Responses to Carey Price vs Jaroslav Halak: Let It Go

  1. This “what if” discussions are all nonsense! The butterfly effect! EVERYTHING could be different : BGALLY could’ve not been drafted, MsxPac could’ve been left on a wheelchair, etc., etc. The thing remain : he should have stayed, or… Get something way better for him. My opinion, anyway.
    There will always be awful trades in this organization, the pressure is a big factor!

    Cristian Moldovan May 27, 2015 at 4:28 pm Reply
    • How could they get more for him when you had Niemi and Leighton in the cup finals? The goalie market was weak. Eller is a very good player and was a good return for him.

      Michael Gomez May 27, 2015 at 7:31 pm Reply

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