Canadiens Trade Pateryn For Benn

Legend has it there is a prolific scorer down in the Lone Star State, a former Art Ross winner that has been identified as one of the biggest cogs in an ultra high scoring machine.  A guy that…


Damn it, this charade cannot be kept up any longer.


That incredibly talented guy? Well, the Montreal Canadiens have acquired not him but his underwhelming brother that could be best remembered for having his jockstrap lost up somewhere in the upper deck when Galchenyuk undressed him in rather embarrassing fashion en route to finding the back of the net.  Marc Bergevin will certainly say “my job is to make this team better” and he will just as surely be met with the response of “you failed” for his efforts.  This is far from being any kind of guy that is going to find his way into the top four, alleviate Shea Weber’s minutes or move the puck.


It turns out every franchise has that guy.  The “why is he here?”/”put his backside in the minors” guy that fans bear no real love for.  If the conclusion being surmised here is that the Montreal Canadiens have acquired the Dallas Stars version of Alexei Emelin but without the highlight reel hits, the general answer would be that that is regretfully correct.  If it was Say Something Nice About Jordie Benn Day, the nicest thing that anyone could say is that he might do all the right stuff and just not get rewarded for it.  That may be nice but that is likely going to prove to be a lie during his time in Montreal.  He comes with a contract that is just a cap hit of 1.1 million dollars but it runs for another two years following this season.


Expansion draft, take him now.


What did the Canadiens give up for the hockey equivalent of gas station sushi? Oh, not much.  Just the guy that everyone was looking forward to playing under Claude Julien, a real solid/steady sort of shutdown defenceman that may have proven to be a pretty solid second pair guy someday possibly soon in Greg Pateryn.  This is the most counterproductive move of the year and there is not a close second.  Unless there was some kind of handshake promise to sexy up the team by the Canadiens being promised a healthy crack at acquiring Patrick Sharp for some kind of a bargain, there is no benefit within the walls of this deal.


To further kick the Les Glorieux faithful in the dirt, the Canadiens threw in a 4th round pick going the other way.  A 4th round pick as if to say “enjoy the contents of my wallet, Mr. Mugger.  Here’s my watch to go with all of that.”


Greg Pateryn, you will be missed.  All the best in Dallas.  They need you… but so does Montreal.


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4 Responses to Canadiens Trade Pateryn For Benn

  1. this is not a significant upgrade. we once again get a player 3 years older and a lot slower and who is not a defensive or offensive dman..bigger salary hit just to ship out a player who lost favor..not a real improvement and might be a downgrade..
    if this is all MB can do, then it is time for him to leave,

    Bay_Bye February 27, 2017 at 6:06 pm Reply
  2. What the h____ was Bergevin thinking?! For some demented reason, Pateryn was never able to get a real break from Therrien. And niw, Bargain Basement Bergie performs the coup de grace! Pateryn had definite potential. Can tge same be said for Benn? I wish you well, Greg…you deserved a LOT better from thus dysfunctional organization.

    Bart Van Eyk February 27, 2017 at 6:11 pm Reply
  3. sad to see pateryn go.did not give him the chance he deserved.he worked his way up from hamilton and the ice caps.worked hard.did everything his coaches asked of him.a steady/blue chip defencemen,who punished with his body checks,(that is how hard he hit).terrible thing to send him away like is not doing right with this trade,once the young players we have,pateryn inclus.they are our future.very discouraged to hear of this loss,once again.i hope mr.molson’s confidents are watching closely and advising him accordingly?mr.bergevin is not the right person for the job.point a la ligne.

    langis,dino February 27, 2017 at 11:54 pm Reply
  4. I think this article is absurd. You must be a big fan of Greg and quite biased. Benn is more established with a team first attitude who totally sacrifices his body. He led Dallas in blocked shots this year and he’s on their pk unit. He also prefers to play on his wrong side which works out perfect for Habs so..

    Greg February 28, 2017 at 1:22 pm Reply

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