Montreal Canadiens: This Isn’t a Surprise…

Tampa Bay celebrating one of many goals on the night (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHL via Getty images)

Tampa Bay celebrating one of many goals on the night. (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHL via Getty images)

So, that was fun eh?

After tonight’s loss, Montreal is down 2-0 to Tampa Bay where the Bolts have shocked (pun somewhat intended) a good amount of Canadiens fans. As for myself? I am not surprised at all. The product Montreal has delivered all season has amounted to this after all, hasn’t it? This is what happens when you sit on your ass trying to protect a lead and/or sitting on your ass without a goal, thinking that Carey Price can do everything.

To those saying, “They did well against Ottawa!?!!?” Well, in reality, they didn’t do well against Ottawa. The Senators got into the playoffs on an unbelievable fluke run. Ottawa isn’t that good of a team, but they definitely played better than Montreal. Tampa is, however, a very strong team. Montreal’s coaching staff, ALL OF THEM except probably Waite, refuse to adjust, which currently explains the Habs 1-for-26 powerplay in theĀ entire post-season. With the talent the Canadiens have, it makes no sense as to why it can’t even make a simple zone entry. However, if you watch closely, it does make sense. As I’ve said before, Therrien and his crew have one way to the powerplay, and it goes as such; Pass-Pass-Turnover-Dump and Chase-Turnover-Pass. Seriously, wash, rinse, and repeat. But I digress, the Canadiens don’t deserve what they have been given.

There is no scoring, there is no defense (Carey Price not included), there is no able bodied minds behind the bench, and there is no real reason to be positive about the remainder of this series. However, if Montreal can somehow recover and take the best hockey the Canadiens have ever seen into Tampa Bay, and fight with the passion and dignity that would make the Canadiens of the past float through the rafters of Amalie Arena, this series may in fact be salvageable. Something’s got to give.

Otherwise, see you guys next season.


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One Response to Montreal Canadiens: This Isn’t a Surprise…

  1. Yep… it sucks, but we’re probably right (those who think that their rank on the standings is an anomaly). I lost my playoff pool last year because I put Tampa in four (I thought that Bishop’s injury wasn’t real, that he’ll be good for the playoff…). This year I wasn’t even tempted to make a pool. (More, some smart guy banned me from a CH forum,) so there goes my thrill for the playoffs. I just take some wine before the games, so I’ll feel less…
    Old school hockey doesn’t work with a small and talented team, I think. You have to score once in a while, isn’t it? Dark clouds are coming. For few years, at least.
    Thanks for the good season, Carey!

    Cristian May 3, 2015 at 11:40 pm Reply

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