Canadiens Hall of Fame Closes Permanently

On August 30th, 2015 at 5:00pm ET, the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame officially ceased operations permanently. The beautiful venue which opened to the public in January 2010, was located at the lower level of the Bell Centre at 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal. On July 31st, the Habs released an article on their website announcing their intentions to close the must-see attraction at the end of the summer. For the entire month of August, admission was free to the public.

In the coming months, as the real estate development projects around the Bell Centre move forward, we will be in a position to proceed with a number of new initiatives, including the redeployment of Centennial Plaza” – Kevin Gilmore / Montreal Canadiens Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer

This beautiful new site will serve as a permanent gathering place for years to come that celebrates the history of our team, from its greatest legends to its unforgettable conquests and unparalleled legacy. The Hall of Fame will close in order to offer new amenities to fans and clients during games, though we will be redistributing certain of its displays and assets throughout the building so that they can continue to be enjoyed. For those who have never visited the Hall, we invite them through the end of the month to experience it at no cost” – Kevin Gilmore / Montreal Canadiens Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer

Since the Hall of Fame opened in January 2010, an estimated 200,000 people have come to witness and re-live some of the history. I can be lucky to say I had the honour of visiting when I made the trip from Southern Ontario to Montreal in November, 2004. The cost to enter the Hall of Fame was a reasonable $12, but because it was game day when I went (hours before the game), if you had a ticket to the game it was half price. Then, for an extra $6 (to make it $12 in my case), there was a guided tour of the Bell Centre an hour later. Informative tour guides, and a once in a life time chance to see areas of the arena I did not think I would ever see including the press gallery up top, the luxurious suites, sitting in lower bowl centre ice seats in an empty arena as the tour guide would recite facts about the arena, alumni lounges (which was absolutely unreal) and much more.

Many artifacts in the Hall of Fame were donated by fans themselves, and those who did donate will be contacted by the team to discuss the process of returning such valuable items.

Below are only a few of many pictures from my trip to the Canadiens Hall of Fame last year:

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We hope that as many of you got the chance to surround yourself in such a great venue as possible. The Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame was a terrific addition to the Bell Centre as a place to re-live a one of a kind history of such a storied franchise.

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