Canadiens Contractual Obligations: Jordie Benn

The Montreal Canadiens have an interesting group staring down the free agency barrel; a baby faced Finnish assassina homegrown kid stuck in limboa size enriched enigmaa mobile blue liner on the right side of youth but the wrong side of recent fortunes and a depth guy that punched above his weight on the second pair.  All guys that, if brought back, would see continued time with this team for a reason.  While it is disappointing to end this series on a downer, the elephant in the room that is Jordie Benn has to be addressed at some point.


Acquiring Jordie Benn was done from a position of weakness and to retain his services any longer would show that the Montreal Canadiens are still in a position of weakness on the blue line with no intention whatsoever of departing such a status.  If nothing else, too many guys are either coming up through the ranks in the pipeline or have been given the verdict of being extended or at least qualified to justify stuffing the depth any further.  This is not to say that Jordie Benn has never had a good game or even a good shift but the pros simply do not outweigh the cons.


During any given season, he will have about a month –at best– where he probably finds himself on the third pair (he certainly does not belong any higher) and on something of a small tear as he makes himself somewhat useful.  This is clearly not enough to remotely warrant any kind of extension nor continued play with the Montreal Canadiens as he spends the vast majority of the season being the guy that loses his assignment and aimlessly wandering off to do God knows what while Carey Price is left high and dry for many a goal against.  When a kid coming up from the minors or making their way out of training camp from major junior sees time on that third pair, they should have a veteran with enough sense and awareness to make the transition into the NHL as pain free as possible.  Instead, Jordie Benn finds himself being babysat by these kids and fellow depth players alike until he inevitably gets thrust upon the top pair and is left to hinder Shea Weber.


Verdict: Release into unrestricted free agency, do not extend.


On a loaded right side with Shea Weber and Jeff Petry, the third spot should chiefly belong to Noah Juulsen.


Jordie Benn does not bring any noteworthy mobility, vision, puck skills nor enough physical presence to warrant being on the NHL roster of most any team, let alone the most storied franchise in the game.  The hope for an otherwise useless depth player is that they can at least turn it up for the playoffs but over 13 career playoff games (a disturbingly low number for a guy that has been in the league since the 2011-12 season) he has a whopping zero points and has done nothing noteworthy over that span whatsoever.  Based on his lack of hockey IQ, if it was raining soup outside of the Bell Centre, Jordie Benn would be out in the parking lot with a fork.


To send him out the door with a kind word, Jordie Benn did whatever it took to keep his dog when he was banned from living in Montreal as opposed to giving him up and that deserves immaculate commendation.  He probably has a difficult time keeping that beard under control and yet somehow manages to do it.  He seems like he is genuinely a nice guy and it would be great to be able to say something nicer about what he brings to the Montreal Canadiens but we all know nice people… it does not mean that they are qualified to play for the greatest hockey franchise in the world, though.

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6 Responses to Canadiens Contractual Obligations: Jordie Benn

  1. Get serious , wow. the Canadians have a lot of players we regularly make huge mistakes blaming it all on Benn is a Joke . But then again most of you think Drouin is a hockey player when he is clearly a poser . do we have any perfect defenseman no at times of the year they all sucked horribly . this article is a joke

    Helmut May 28, 2019 at 5:19 pm Reply
  2. Usually like the articles on this site. That was a little harsh and not totally accurate. He’s a 5th/6th defense men who isn’t in our plans anymore. If we hadn’t been in a playoff battle we would have traded for a later round pick. To lay all that blame at his feet is unfair. For the most part he did his job. He is near the end of his career and has to go to FA to see what he can sign for (length + $).

    Steen May 28, 2019 at 5:43 pm Reply
  3. seems like the writer has a major bias agains’t Benn, is he a Markov,Subban,Weber? no is he a solid 3-4th liner yes . But as always people remember 1 play or 1 game . if that’s the case Max Jonathan,Carey and 2/3’s of the team can go because they all had bad games , really bad games , stupid mistakes of poorly made decisions on the ice last 2 years . Benn is what he is a good defense man who gets burned a lot because the players in front of him get burned. maybe be objective and call it fairly with a lot less personal opinion . How many dumb penalties did Max have ? Was Carey perfect in every game? how many assists did Drouin have against the Hab’s ? do we need to go on line by line?

    Ian May 28, 2019 at 8:27 pm Reply
  4. spot on analysis. I like Benn but have been saying the same thing you put together in your article. I was confused this season that we benched better Dmen. CJ’s poor judgment or MB trying to get his value up for trade deadline? Either way, I’m glad we haven’t resigned him (yet).

    Wilfred Mallette May 28, 2019 at 11:04 pm Reply
  5. Montreal has serious issues on D Benn being the worst of a bad lot. I note that Petry has a negative +/- and mete only plays well when he is with Weber who seems to have lost a few steps this year.

    glen May 29, 2019 at 7:29 am Reply
  6. Jordie Benn has played very hard for this franchise! Done whatever has been asked of him, took a lot of uncalled criticism! Been very physical for the team! I believe very loyal to the Habs and probably a good teammate!A lot of you disgust me with your unkind remarks towards Jordie! I think he’s dine very well and hope to see him in the Habs uniform this coming season!

    Rick Shaw June 5, 2019 at 11:58 am Reply

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