Drouin It Right: Canadiens Acquire Jonathan Drouin For Mikhail Sergachev

What if I told you that there was a young, lethally offensively skilled, Quebec born forward with a 20+ goal scoring punch just two years into his NHL career, a proven playoff performer with an edge and that the best from him is yet to come?


…Now what if I told you that he just became a Montreal Canadien?


Ain’t it beautiful? (Photo: @TradedNHLPlayer – Twitter)


What else could the Montreal Canadiens ask for? Before anyone says “a big, proven top flight center” prior even getting the question out, he can play center.  Will he? Probably not but looking at his early career resume, this team just garnered an asset that pushes them in a modern direction that provides all else that anyone and everyone has been asking for.


Jonathan Drouin boasts a championship pedigree from his QMJHL days with the Halifax Mooseheads, winning the Mike Bossy Trophy (top professional prospect), the Paul Dumont Trophy (personality of the year) and the Michel Briere Memorial Trophy (MVP) all in the same season in which he won the Memorial Cup and CHL Player of the Year while being named a first team all star.  In 2012-13, the Mooseheads, the Q, the CHL and everything in it was Drouin’s to own and own it he did.


Looking for a Paul Byron type of skater but with a higher offensive upside? Drouin also won the fastest skater competition at the 2015 NHL All-Star Skills Competition.  Bearing an early total of 14 points in 17 playoff games in his 2015-16 run, the winning for Drouin has only just begun and his offensive totals with the Lightning began to bud at the NHL level with 21 goals and 53 points in 73 games.  Concerns for this team’s scoring punch in both the regular season and the post-season just took a tremendous load off; one would be inclined to believe that these will only continue to climb being away from a Lightning franchise that simply did not agree with him or somehow failed to recognize his talent, be it Jon Cooper or Steve Yzerman taking as long as they did to give him his deserved chance to do just what he has done thus far.


With a fresh slate ahead, knowing exactly what he has to do and the inspiration of having grown up a Canadiens fan, the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts native will certainly bring forth every ounce of creativity in his game that makes him almost impossible to game plan for or to scout against.  Drouin poses a lethal threat with a blend of innovation that draws defenders off of his teammates and still leaves himself sufficient room to make the exact play that he needs to make.  Certainly, those around him are going to become better players as a result of his presence.


Somewhere in all of this excitement, there comes the worrisome aspect of losing Mikhail Sergachev, the heir apparent to Markov’s throne.  There is not another defenceman in the Canadiens pipeline that will fill such shoes to quite such a top level capacity.  It creates a hole down the road, certainly, but therein comes the idea that a win now mentality is being pushed.  This is the price to pay for the kind of talent that Jonathan Drouin is.  Just how desperate is Tampa Bay for young, potential riddled defencemen? Desperate enough that they got no established NHL talents back in this deal; none, zero, zip, zilch, nada.


It does not require Drouin levels of vision (especially on the power play) to see what he can and will do for this team.  With agent Allan Walsh said to already be in talks with Bergevin and co., the countdown to see it all unfold begins…


Rapid Fire Trade Facts:

  • The Lightning gain a second round pick while the Canadiens get a sixth round pick in the 2018 draft if Sergachev does NOT play at least 40 games this season.
  • Jonathan Drouin DOES have to be protected in the upcoming expansion draft; Sergachev is exempt.
  • Drouin is also a RFA and needs a new contract.  Comparable deals would put him in the range of the high 5 to low 6 million dollars AAV.  Should the Habs not extend him, compensation would look to be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft pick if all things are accurate. (Update Edit: Drouin will be paid 33 million dollars over the course of six years for an AAV of $5,500,000 – fair and comfortable for all parties)


We here at All About The Habs wish Mikhail Sergachev all the best in his future endeavors with the Tampa Bay Lightning and hope that he does not come back around to burn this team like former Canadiens tend to.  As for Jonathan Drouin… welcome.  With open arms, welcome home.


For All About The Habs,


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3 Responses to Drouin It Right: Canadiens Acquire Jonathan Drouin For Mikhail Sergachev

  1. i love Drouin and he is a great addition but Sergachev was suppose to be the future ,a young puck moving dman..what is MB doing, clearing out all mobile dmen..Pk, and Beaulieu is on the block and sergachev..are we stuck with dump and chase which does not work..I hope this does not come back to haunt us…I love Drouin but to give up our projected future number 1 dman makes no sense

    bay bye June 15, 2017 at 3:32 pm Reply
  2. Drouin is going to need to excel in his new Top 6 position on the team. I expect with his newly signed contract this makes either Radulov or Chucky expendable. I could see him dealing him away along with our 1st and more to get a pick in the Top 7 to find his new Sregatchev. If Drouin can’t put up 65+ pts/season we’re in trouble.

    Ned Stark June 15, 2017 at 11:53 pm Reply
  3. The one thing on the Drouin trade no one is talking about are the conditional draft pick we get(maybe) and the 2nd they are getting.

    1) is that 2nd pick going to Tampa this season’s amateur draft? If so that leaves us with only 4 draft picks so we won’t be adding very much talent this off season.

    2) Why such a disparity in the draft pics? Stevie Y obviously wanted to protect another skater on his team otherwise this deal could have been consummated after the Vegas draft no problem. Why is Bergevin, a Player Development guy giving up so much on this deal? It’s not like Drouin is earmarked to be a scorer just like Mike Bossey was for the Isles. We end up having to expose a protected skater once we signed up Drouin. That means probably Dannault is now not protected. Unless Bergevin has another deal up his sleeve to open up a spot.

    3) What are the odds now that Bergevin trades our 1st in this year’s draft plus Gally27 to move up into the Top 7 to replace Sergatchev?

    Ned Stark June 16, 2017 at 4:30 am Reply

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