Bergevin Traded My Allegiance

PK and widowed wife of Jean Beliveau, Elise share a moment Photo: Phil Carpenter / Montreal Gazette

P.K. and widowed wife of Jean Beliveau, Elise share a moment (Photo: Phil Carpenter, Montreal Gazette)

Flashback to Wednesday June 29, 2:51PM Eastern time, it was at this moment in history that I lost all respect for the clowns that run the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge. I have endured absolute terrible trades before such as Patrick Roy, John LeClair, Jeff Hackett, Scott Gomez, as well as Michael Cammalleri mid-game who was not allowed to keep his jersey. Those are just a couple names that feel like vinegar on open wounds, but the P.K. Subaan trade felt like bloody torture. The rage I felt was so great that I could have taken my hockey stick to Bergevin’s head for every dollar he now owed to Shea Weber. I am not entirely sure that a human skull can endure 54 million blows, on the other hand, is there even a brain in Marc’s head to begin with?

WHY JESUS, WHY!?!???!?!?!!? Why every time the Habs’ have a star, they treat him like garbage and ship him out of town for a bag of pucks? The crest of Les Glorieux has been tainted for far too long. I for one, will not support the utter manure any longer. If you have watched the World Cup of Hockey, you saw the speed and skill of Team North America. That is the future of this league, not the gritty “CHaracter” guys like Shaw and Weber. How did team USA do there, Bergevin? Have I got news for you Marc, their fate will be the same as the team you have assembled in Montreal.

Everything you are about to read are in fact, not 100% true, however they are fairly accurate, according to my sources:

“Money and age aside for a moment, let’s trade our best player because he gave $10 MILLION to a hospital by himself for terminally ill children, instead of through the Canadiens charity; what a conniving savage!!! HOW DARE HE GIVE HIS OWN MONEY AWAY TO A CHARITY OF HIS CHOICE! Let’s take a page out of Hillary Clinton’s textbook, pay the media to run story after story about P.K. Subban being a ‘cancer’ in the dressing room, act like we love him, and then trade him anyway! We know he has skill and flash on the ice, but we also see him make mistakes less than Markov, and so because he is so cocky, let’s get him the hell out of town because you were right for ripping him to shreds after he gave the win to the Avs back in February, Michel. ” – Marc Bergevin

“But Bergy, how do we convince our fans dat P.K. and Price are best friends and da fact dat Mrs. Beliveau said her husband would be so proud P.K. is a Montreal Canadien?” – Michel Therrien

“I don’t give two Alex Semins’ about what anybody says! I hate P.K. Subban, he won’t be on Team Canada either, and he won’t be a Hab as long as I am in charge!” – Marc Bergevin

Listen, this isn’t just about trading P.K. Subban to Nashville. I have given up my fandom toward the Canadiens until the entire management is fired. Bergevin lost my respect when he traded Jarred Tinordi for John Scott. And then told the media that there were reasons he “had to acquire” John Scott, and then said he could not say what those reasons were. Bergevin’s “reasons” were to get John Scott out of the All-Star game. After that horrendous season, Bergevin declared that the two worst coaches in the history of coaching were going to keep their jobs. Both Michel Therrien and Sylvain Lefebvre watched their teams fail epically and yet were not let go. In what world does Therrien and Lefebvre have good resumes? I just cannot cheer for the team when the manager, Marc Bergevin, makes his team consistently worse on purpose. And wanting to get Scott out of the All-Star game was low. Screw you, Mr. Bergevin.

Without getting into every single stat that proves Matt Pfeffer’s longing plea to keep the Rexdale native, there are little to no pros in favour of the ex-Nashville Predators’ captain. Aside from the hits totals, a Hardest Shot victory this past year, and the amount of goals to Shea’s name compared to P.K’s (Weber 11 NHL seasons, PK 6 NHL seasons), those are the only 3 statistics worth noting in favour to Weber. However, as we dig deeper into these statistics, we find some very interesting things that shed new light on our beliefs and values on these two All-Star defenders. For their entire careers respectively, one was heavily insulated while the other was forced to drag his partner through the mud.

  1. Shea Weber has played his entire career alongside mainly two defenders, Ryan Suter and Roman Josi. Both Suter and Josi are elite minute eaters, possession drivers and puck moving defensemen who made Shea Weber look like Bobby Orr. On the other hand, P.K. Subban spent his first 4 seasons paired with either Josh Gorges, Hal Gill or Francis Bouillon and the last two seasons paired with 37-year old Andrei Markov. Apparently there is a debate out there amongst hockey fans/media/analysts/coaches and scouts deciding who between P.K. Subban and Shea Weber is the better defenseman. No doubt they are different players with large and larger bodies and with unique skills, but I would bet that 25 NHL clubs would take P.K’s contract and skill over Shea’s without even batting an eye. One player makes his team and teammates better, the other holds teammates back.
  2. Last season team comparisons: NSH, Goals for 224, Goals against 213 PP 19.7% PK 81.2%     MTL Goals for 213, Goals against 233 PP 16.2%, PK 81.9%. As you will see here, all but one category is in favour of Nashville. One team made the playoffs and took the San Jose Sharks to game 7 of the Western conference semi-finals, while the other missed the post season by 11 points; I don’t need to tell you who was who.
  3. As you may expect, playing for the better team should show up in your personal statistics, but for these two superstar defensemen nothing could be further from the truth. In only 68 games, P.K. Subban put up 51 points (6 goals, 45 assists) while maintaining a plus-4 rating; on a Michel Therrien coached team; without Carey Price; while playing 26 minutes a night. Then over in Tennessee, Shea Weber also put up 51 points (20 goals, 31 assists) while sporting a minus- 7 rating; on a Peter Laviolette coached team; with a healthy Pekka Rinne; while playing 25 minutes a night. Now I really want to drive home how important their respective plus/minus ratings are. Even though many disregard this stat as irrelevant, I am here to tell you that these numbers are so crazy, if you disregard them, it makes the two rearguards look equal. If you can score 20 goals yourself as a defenseman but still hold a negative plus/minus, you must be a pylon in your own end or score most of your goals on the powerplay; or both if your name is Shea Weber. He finished with the lowest negative rating as a regular defender on the Predators roster and was the 3rd lowest on the team. That is unreal leadership qualities there for a guy who was the captain of Nashville. I cannot stress how impressive it is to sport a positive plus/minus considering the roster, coaching style, and holding the label of “high-risk” defender. P.K. Subban tied for second highest on his team in plus/minus rating, and 1 of 2 regular defenders with a positive number. How is that even remotely possible? That is just immaculate skill displayed by P.K. Subban; the ‘cancer’ of the team. Seems like leadership to me, but
  4. Listen, I am not about to show you another scatter plot or graph to explain all the analytics that P.K. heavily dominated Shea in. That’s been proven, and I could not agree with Matt Pfeffer more than I already do. There are no legitimate stats that Weber has ahead of Subban aside from goal scoring, shot blocks and hits. Goal scoring is one thing and I understand that 14 of Shea’s 20 goals were on the powerplay which is an area that Montreal has sucked in for years; so really that does make sense. But all of you well looking folk all do realize that even with a couple more ticks on the speed gun, the puck still goes in or it doesn’t. Weber scored goals because his coaches put him in positions to shoot the one-timer on the powerplay. The morons that coached P.K. Subban put him on the right side of the ice making the opportunities to shoot the one-timer significantly less. This is NOT rocket science. When Alex Ovechkin was moved to right wing a couple years back, he produced the lowest number of goals in his entire career. I am aware that P.K. Subban is not a forward, however the same angles still apply especially when put on the powerplay. P.K. has a bomb of a shot but Montreal didn’t even utilize his shot on their powerplay so to that B.S. narrative that Weber is going to improve the Habs’ powerplay, go swim with the jellyfish. The only reason that the Habs’ powerplay will improve this season is because man-advantage sorcerer Kirk Muller is back in town. I am also guaranteeing that P.K. Subban will score more goals than Shea Weber this season. Anyone care to take me on this?
  5. Subban is elite, elite, elite, especially in big games. In 55 playoff games. Subban has collected 11 goals – one overtime winner, in his career and another 27 assists (.69 PTS/Game). Weber has 13 goals and 15 assists to his name in 59 post season games (.47 Pts/Game). Shea Weber’s Predators have made the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 8 post season trips, while P.K. Subban has been to the 3rd round twice in his 5 trips to the Playoffs. Internationally, Subban was a major part of the two Gold medal winning Canadian squad at the 2008 & 09 World Junior Championships, and also won a gold medal at the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics. Shea has represented Canada 6 times thus far including the World Cup of Hockey currently being played. Shea has 2 Olympic gold medals in 2010 & 14, a Gold and Silver medals at the World Championships in 2007 & 09, and a World Junior gold in 2005. P.K. also won a Norris Trophy in 2014, albeit in a shortened season but that doesn’t make it any less deserving.


Comparison from Own The Puck

Comparison from Own The Puck

This trade will be compared until the end of time with many saying both teams got exactly what they wanted/needed, while others including myself declare the Predators the obvious winner. The one thing you seldom find is hearing someone say the Habs won this trade. I don’t know what drugs your doctor or dealer has prescribed for you but perhaps you should re-evaluate your hockey knowledge. Now as the title states, Bergevin traded me as a fan of his hockey team to Nashville with P.K. I believe that statistically speaking, it makes sense to jump on the Preds’ bandwagon, but to me, this trade means so much more than just watching my favorite hockey player switch his colors. It baffles my mind how P.K. Subban can be Carey Price’s Best Man at his wedding, give $10 million to terminally ill children and visit them on a regular basis and then be labelled a guy who lacks “CHaracter”. Baffles me. What a faker, I mean I could buy it if he spent one day and $10 to the kids hospital, I could even buy it if he spent 10 days and gave $10000, but I cannot buy $10 million and weekly visits as a fake coverup of his cocky lavish lifestyle. If you ask me, his “CHaracter” is off the charts compared to some of his peers. Building a team based off of wanting players who hate to lose is fine, but don’t you dare tell me that PK was traded for a lack of “CHaracter”. The world needs more P.K. Subbans, not less.

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8 Responses to Bergevin Traded My Allegiance

  1. You could not have said it any better. I was totally devastated to hear that PK had been traded to Nashville. To add insult to injury, Michel Therrien was to remain the coach (all because he is Marc Bergevin’s “buddy”). Where is the Molson family in all of this? Laughing in the faces of their fans for such a disheartening trade. Perhaps the Molson family should step and “Clean House” before they totally destroy their fan-base. I wish PK all the best in Nashville and he will forever be a CH to me.

    Therese Vaillancourt September 28, 2016 at 1:04 pm Reply
  2. this was the dumbest trade.It was made as Therrien did not like PK,did not like him before he took the coaches job and definitely showed it after he was given the job.He demeaned him every time he got..that goal against the Avs was more on Pacs then PK,,yes PK lost an edge but it was still 3 on 3 and Pacs let his guy get away and score…but Therrien protected his boys…who were Pacs,Markov and DD…do not forget PK had to constantly cover for Markovs mistakes. Remember Therrien was run out of Pittsburgh for treating the players the same way he treated PK,he has a habit of being a trouble maker and bully..the only reason he got the job in Montreal was because he is best buddies with bergevin and he is french…the cancer in the dressing room is Therrien…everyone is afraid of him as was seen by the circle the wagons attitude after the trade…how can a guy who does limited community service get that award ahead of someone who donated 10 million to a children’s hospital if not fear of repercussions from Therrien, they hated he donated it and did not do it thru the Canadiens organization. I could go now but I will cut it short…in closing I will state Montreal sold the farm to get PK out of town and will pay for in years to come…

    Phil Turnbull September 28, 2016 at 2:51 pm Reply
  3. Last season proved two things. Therrien can’t coach and without Price can’t win. If they had let pk’s ntc kick in would they have money for Price in a few seasons? If Pk was white, he wouldn’t have been traded, but the justification is to keep Price. They needed to move the n word…

    Michael September 28, 2016 at 3:51 pm Reply
    • as much as I hate the trade and think in the long term it will prove disastrous..I would never say it was based on color of the skin..that is going too far..the 2 reasons I feel were ..therriens hate of everything PK and the fact he donated 10 Mil to the childrens hospital and did not do it through the Canadiens fund but how dare he give it from himself….but definitely not racially related

      Phil Turnbull September 29, 2016 at 8:21 am Reply
  4. When you will see Weber crushing Ovechkin on the board, Slap shot it IN the top corner net on a PP goal or even when he will hold the cup in his hand, you will inhale your lyrics. Why does Pk Subban is not a part of the Canada Hockey team ?
    There is a reason for this. Would you let Subban rather than Weber teaching our future in defense ( Sergachiev, Juulsen) ? Would you like to have the focus on a team rather than 1 guy ? Pk Subban is a heck of a skilled Hockey player, he should be very captivating to watch in a PRACTICE. We are a better team with Shea Weber, no contest. We’ll be a better team with Shea Weber. This move solidify our defense by 10X. Suter and Josi, are pretty good Defensemen, I admit. Markov isn’t one ? Who make Mike Komisarek being OVERATED ? Where is Komisarek now ? Every guy that Have played with Markov has been better. You have named Gorges and Bouillon, both of these guy are pure defensemen and the fact is they were there to correct all Subban’s mistakes. When he won his Norris trophy which defenseman was he playing with ?

    Alexis Ricard September 28, 2016 at 7:06 pm Reply
    • the only reason Weber looks good in the Canada cup is because he is surrounded by all star defensemen and forwards.easy to do good when you are surrounded by the best..but yet he has some of the worse stats during this tournament..if not for the Canada russia game he would be a negative player…some good isn’t it…we acknowledge Weber is Bigger,Stronger and if on the PP better…but is slower,older,less mobile,will be gone sooner and will not raise the stanley cup…
      yes for therriens style of play he fits better but therriens style is not the style of the rest of the NHL..wonder why… Pk is not part of Canada due to the fact Babcock does not like his style and Bergevin is one of the GM’s so would not allow him on the team…shit Weber already scored on his own net and gave the puck away for another goal….sure he hits hard but with his body type that will wear on him and therrien is sure to overuse him and that will tire him out before seasons end..that is one of the reasons Nashville traded him,he lost a step going into the playoffs…plus Montreal now really has no one to advance the puck up ice like a Sutter,Josi or PK….Weber does 2 things when he has the puck..ices it or gives it away..which is validated by the number of shots he blocks a year…from his giveaways…and as for Markov..PK spent most of last year covering for his mistakes…Montreal did not have a defensive coach to help PK adjust to what Therrien wanted so he was on his own…and used as a scapegoat every time Therrien felt like it..I am glad He is out of Montreal as now he can flourish on a team with a great defensive coach and one that will respect him, not tear him down… I really hope Les Habs go all the way but people have to stop being blind and band wagon jumping and look at the real facts…the trade was not a hockey decision but one based on Therriens dislike for PK and the fact he gave a 10 Million donation from himself not through the Canadiens…

      Phil Turnbull September 29, 2016 at 7:51 am Reply
  5. I am just so sad and disappointed. I really don’t feel like watching the Habs play. I will follow PK even if he is a predator. hope he wins the cup and brings it back to Montreal.

    tony mancini October 3, 2016 at 10:22 pm Reply
  6. My family have been Hab fans since the Maroons were integrated. I lost all respect for this team when Bergevin refused to fire Therrien last season.
    Therrien wanted PK gone and Bergevin wanted to keep his coach. I think the only thing worse than the trade itself was the propaganda that has been flowing out of the Bell Centre ever since. My hope is that the team flounders enough that Molson, Bergevin and his Therrien will all bite it soon. I wont watch until that happens. In fact I have very little interest in hockey at this point. Subban was fun to watch and outside of Price was the best young hockey player this team had seen in years…he was literally worth the price of admission. Webber is a very talented guy but he is not a game breaker.

    Rick October 12, 2016 at 10:05 pm Reply

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