Bergevin The Builder: Why Canadiens GM Deserves A 2013 Stanley Cup Ring

Wait a minute, a Montreal Canadiens GM did get a Stanley Cup ring this year… Chicago Blackhawks scout Pierre Gauthier.


Wipe up the side of your lips… you’ve still got a dabble of puke there after reading that.


The solace taken in that fact is that due to his role within the organization is that it is literally impossible for him to have made any kind of move himself that would have resulted in someone he scouted being drafted to the team.  However, Bergevin was the mastermind behind so very many of them, including captain and 2010 Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Toews and 2008 1st overall selection and 2013 Conn Smythe winner Patrick Kane.


Bergevin undertook seemingly every role that could be made available by any given NHL organization and truly took a well rounded approach in building the Blackhawks team that would go on this year to become the first repeat Stanley Cup winners this side of the salary cap.  Going beyond the top two obvious young guns for windy city, Bergevin continued to pad their prospect pool with other promising kids that would fill the holes and voids left by the likes of Dustin Byfuglien, Andrew Ladd and others when they packed up and left town after winning  their cup three years ago.  This, in addition to a more successful regular season this year in which Chicago broke the President’s Trophy curse, showcases that Bergevin clearly has a perceptive understanding of how to keep a team a contender in spite of financial limitations as set by the league.


Most scouting jobs would end there and call it successful but it wasn’t enough that Bergevin would be the driving force behind the acquisition of so much of the Chicago squadron through the draft.  When he went on to become an assistant coach after his three years with the scouting staff, he would get the chance to work close up with so many of the up-and-comers that he believed in quite literally from day one as he was the one that gave them their day one in the NHL.


In addition to being an assistant coach, he would be named Director of Player Personnel after just one year in said position.  By this point, Bergevin was doing literally everything that he could to bring up a team that was an odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup in the upcoming season and after a 49 year drought, they did exactly that.  Bergevin spearheaded a team vision in a matter of just a few years that would go on to claim glory in what, all things considered, seems like a relatively short time.  Bergevin’s latest indicator of such abilities being the highly chronicled single season rise of the Montreal Canadiens from the bottom of their conference to finishing fourth highest in the league.


Bergevin would finally round out his Chicago opportunities by spending a year as an Assistant GM to Stan Bowman, replacing Kevin Cheveldayoff when he headed off to become GM of the Winnipeg Jets upon their return to Canada.  This would be the only experience necessary to put the final grooming touches on Bergevin before he would be the next Chicago Assistant GM to fly north and sit in the big boy chair where the vast majority of his moves have been widely praised, only some drawing controversy over the outright disapproval of the moves of his predecessor that is indeed now wearing what should be Marc Bergevin’s second Stanley Cup ring.


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