Bergevin Active At The Entry Draft: Eller Out Andrew Shaw In

After so much dead air, speculation and general inactivity in tangible movement, processing everything thus far is going to be a tall task.  The foremost thoughts are that Lars Eller could rip it up with the Washington Capitals and that the payment to garner Andrew Shaw was just too high, having moved a pair of second round picks in with the Eller exchange and another pair of second round selections out to acquire Andrew Shaw.


Andrew Shaw’s value does not show brightly during the regular season as his career best total thus far has been 20 goals, amassed in the 2013-14 season.  Shaw averages a touch more in terms of such production albeit in far lesser defensive roles than Eller and with far more consistent deployment/linemates.  Where the Belleville native Shaw excels, akin to Eller, is in playoff production.  Soft tears may be cried by all now, pondering and dreaming what might have been come the 2016 post-season and the what would have been hypothetical line consisting of Shaw and Eller…


The expectation in Shaw’s capabilities is that he could be a feasible second line left winger but will be no lower than third line.  If familiarity breeds comfort, the hope should be that he and Tomas Plekanec could somehow benefit from one another.


Shaw currently stands as a restricted free agent but he and agent Pat Brisson are holding hope that a deal can be made with certain optimism.  There is no secret that Bergevin will have made this transaction with a meticulous mental map already drawn up.  However, one would be under the assumption that if such were the case then the deal would not have been for something as steep as two second round selections.


We here at All About The Habs welcome Andrew Shaw with optimism and bid farewell and the best of fortunes to Lars Eller in his pursuit with the Washington Capitals and the hope that he is properly utilized and appreciated with them.


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2 Responses to Bergevin Active At The Entry Draft: Eller Out Andrew Shaw In

  1. I am confused reading all the Habs detractors on the Andrew Shaw trade. First look at the value stats for 2nd round draft picks. Sure there have been good even great players picked in round 2 but the stats say less than 10% make it to the NHL. With Shaw you get a warrior on the ice who can produce points and is a proven playoff performer. Lets be honest fellow Habs fans, if their was one thing lacking last year (other than Carey Price) was the lack of fight back in the team. Shaw will give 100% every shift. I think it could turn out and I like the player.

    Dave June 26, 2016 at 10:58 pm Reply
    • I think it is just annoying to lose Eller when you know that Therrien didn’t use him properly. No stability. He should have been C the whole time, not thrown to wing.

      Michael Gomez June 27, 2016 at 1:18 pm Reply

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