Alex Galchenyuk Contract Extension: 3 More Years Of Affordable Offence

Certainty continues to show more and more of its lovable mug to the Canadiens with the contract extension for Alex Galchenyuk just drying its ink, showing to be for three seasons at an average annual value of $4,900,000.


Before sides can wage any potential war between “he had a great season” versus “and then he had a bad season” please bear in mind that the time that criticism for him came this past season when he was on a streak of 14 points in 20 games.  Only 4.9 million dollars for a proven offensive talent that just needs to put in his rightful spot and left there? There are no losers here, especially when considering that Galchenyuk’s comparables (Barkov, MacKinnon, Forsberg, etc.) are making to the tune of 5.5 to 6 million dollars per season by most medians of all statistics and averages outside of that see cap hits even higher than that.


Removing any and all speculation of anything otherwise going forwards, this keeps an affordable piece of young and talented offence right down the middle.  He may not be a hulking beast but he is not undersized.  Galchenyuk addresses everything that everyone wants and needs for this team and this deal keeps such a piece in place for a reasonable length of time.  However, Bergevin finds himself caught dealing with Galchenyuk’s new contract expiring when he hits unrestricted free agent status and may have, once again, bit himself in the backside as he continues to look to bridge deals for young players with proven skill.


This sustains Galchenyuk as a critical cog in what could turn out to be a mighty fine top six forward unit; some have come and some have gone but there is enough in place that this top six squadron to look towards winning while still bearing enough space within to add one more tremendous piece should the team see fit, as it likely does.


There may not be much else to be said about a deal that looks pretty outstanding today but also like it might be a touch short on term when we find ourselves back here just three short years from now.  How short a time is that? Claude Julien was still in Boston, Rene Bourque was a household name in the springtime, Chris Kreider was public enemy #1 and Happy by Pharrell Williams was #1 on the pop charts.  It. goes. quick.  The best start to such a time as this would be to immediately project/fantasize the immaculate level of dynamism between Alex Galchenyuk and Jonathan Drouin… but everyone has already done exactly that.


Galchenyuk’s new contract does not contain any type of no trade or no movement clause.


Options, excitement.  Grand things lay ahead and they rest largely on the back of a young man, somewhere between the 2 and the 7.


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3 Responses to Alex Galchenyuk Contract Extension: 3 More Years Of Affordable Offence

  1. the problem is they signed Druoin for 6 yrs at 5.5 mil year whereas Chucky gets 3 yrs at 4.9 mil. it does not seem fair and I believe if MB is around in 3 years when this contract ends then Chucky will walk as a UFA. Druoin should have had a bridge contract not 6 years and Chucky is worth the same if not more then Druoin. how can he justify Druoin’s contract vs Chucky’s contract. it is like he gave Druoin the term and pay so he can say…see I got a French Canadian scorer…but the english guy gets less. a scary way to go.

    bay bye July 5, 2017 at 9:37 pm Reply
    • If you think that is bad the comparison between Drouin and Gally27 then look at that dumpster of a contract Bergevin gave to Shaw for 6 yrs. I really think Bergevin really wanted to trade Gally27 this off season. But when you repeatedly bad mouth and downgrade certain players in public don’t be surprised that other teams only want to underpay for their services. I think MB really thought he’d be able to get Rads to resign before July 1st. When Rads overpriced himself in term/dollars MB had to reconsider his options. The sooner Molson wakes up and understands that Bergevin has no plan in the works other than a series of Bandaids the quicker he can be turfed along with all his friends that he hired into the organization. The man is out of his depth and a menace to this team.

      Ned Stark July 7, 2017 at 5:55 am Reply
      • hey I agree with you 110%..Shaw contract is a joke as is Azner’s..both were over termed and overpaid for what they bring to the table. MB would have traded Chucky in a wink but like you said after you call players down you diminish their worth on the open market . MB is slowly destroying this team and Molson better step in before more damage is done.we still need PMD or we are in for another season of chase the puck.

        bay bye July 7, 2017 at 11:59 am Reply

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