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Photo from SeanBellOnline

Photo from SeanBellOnline

Why do I love the Habs? I am asked this question so many times, especially since I was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario which if you did not know is right outside of Toronto, home of the Leafs.

The way I see it, how can you not be a fan of the storied Montreal Canadiens! They are the embodiment of hockey, they have grit, they win, they play all out and they have won the coveted holy grail of hockey, not once, not twice but 24 times! They also have won it in my lifetime, which many Leafs fans cannot say about their team.

Have you ever sat down and watched Montreal play? They send shivers up your spine most nights. Yes, some nights I am cursing the TV as I watch my team lose a few games. The most painful ones are losses to Toronto or Boston for obvious reasons.

There is just something about watching Montreal step out onto the ice and ready to battle for 60 minutes. It is amazing. Win or lose, I will always back my Habs as I have been a huge fan of them forever.

There is no better feeling than walking into an arena sporting the bleu, blanc et rouge! In Toronto, the folks who handle tickets always joke that they can’t let me in because I have the wrong jersey on; I of course set them straight. In North Carolina when we met up for the playoffs, a Hurricanes fan actually was pelting me with peanuts but nothing will stop this Habs fan.

I, of course wear my colours proudly every chance I get! My dear husband, a Bruins fan made a dream come true and took me to Montreal to see the boys take on the Leafs, last game of the season a few years back where we needed one point to get into the playoffs which of course we got that night. I have to admit, walking into the Bell Centre and seeing the numerous banners hanging from the rafters actually brought tears to my eyes due to pride. To hear the resounding calls of “Leafs suck” echoing through the building was unbelievable and easily the BEST game I ever went to. There is just something about being surrounded by fellow Habs fans that makes your heart flutter!

As I said I am married to a Bruins fan (his only downfall) and I always tell my son, who is the best son a mom could ask for, the only rebelling he did was to be a hardcore Leafs fan! He even had a Leaf themed wedding to which I wore my Habs jersey proudly as at their reception they asked people to wear jerseys! Yes, you guessed it; I wore my red jersey so I could stand out loud and proud!

If you aren’t a Habs fan, all I can say is sorry you cheer for the wrong team. Win or lose, the Montreal Canadiens are on top of the hockey world. All arguments close out with “and how many cups does your team have?”


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