2015 NHL All-Star Weekend: Skills Competition

With the rosters of Team Foligno and Team Toews now finalized for the 2015 All-Star weekend in Columbus, Ohio, the events are underway! Saturday night at 7:00pm EST is the annual Skills Competition on CBC, TVA, and NBCSN. There are six events including the fastest skater, breakaway challenge, accuracy shooting, skills challenge relay, hardest shot and the shootout. We will discuss the rules and format for each challenge as well as the results. Tomorrow, the 2015 NHL All-Star Game in Columbus will begin at 5:00pm EST between Team Foligno and Team Toews at the Nationwide Arena: Home of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater

- 4 players from each team will participate.
- Each winner will receive one point for their team. Fastest skater will receive one bonus point for their
- Two skaters to go at one time (one from each team).
- In the case of a tie between two players in one match, both teams will receive a point.


Honda NHL Breakaway Challenge

- Each team designates 3 players and 1 goaltender.
- Each player is allowed 3 shots and will start from centre ice.
- Fans will vote on twitter who they believe was the winner.
- Player with most twitter votes will win their team 1 point.


Draftkings NHL Accuracy Shooting

- 4 players from each team will participate with 2 passers for each team.
- Winner of each match-up will earn 1 point for their team.
- A bonus point will be awarded to the team with the player who had the fastest time.
- There are 4 targets on the net (one in each corner), one player from each team at both ends of the ice,
the player who hits all four targets first wins that match-up.
- Each team will be awarded a point in the case of a tie.


Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay

- Participants include 14 players and 2 goalies from each team.
Photo: NHL.com (click to enlarge)

Photo: NHL.com (click to enlarge)








AMP NHL Hardest Shot

- 4 players will participate from each team.
- It will be a head-to-head match-up, each player has 2 alternating shots, the fastest in terms of miles
per hour will be their score. 
- The winner in each match-up earns their team 1 point.
- The team with the player who had the hardest shot will be awarded 1 bonus point.
- In the case of a tie, both teams are awarded 1 point.



Discover NHL Shootout

- Participants include all 3 goalies on each team and 21 skaters.
- 1 point awarded for each goal scored by a game puck / 2 points awarded for each goal scored by a
Discover Card puck.
- Consists of three rounds - two minutes each (7 players and 1 goalie in each round).
- Each players have up to 10 seconds to shoot the puck and shooters will be alternated by team.
- Every third puck is a Discover Card puck (2 points for goal).

Winning five of the six events, Team Foligno defeats Team Toews at the 2015 NHL All-Star weekend
Skills Competition in Columbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena. Points added up, Team Folingo defeats
Team Toews 25-19. Team Foligno won in the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater, Honda NHL Breakaway 
Challenge, Draftkings NHL Accuracy Shooting, Gatorade NHL Skills Competition Relay, and Amp
NHL Hardest Shot. Team Toews won in the Discover NHL shootout. 

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